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In September 1920, a group of Polish activists founded the Polish School—Maria Konopnicka in the Greenpoint district, where 28 children were enrolled. The first classes were held at the Polish National House on Driggs Avenue. Interest in the school grew yearly, and the number of students systematically increased. Due to more significant accommodation needs, in 1957, the facility was moved to Ericsson Junior High School at 75 Meserole Ave., and from the 1960/61 school year, education took place in the buildings of the parish of St. Stanisław Kostka at 12 Newell Street.

Since 1922, the school has had an Educational Society. Maria Konopnicka, which was established to maintain the school. At that time, the tuition fee was symbolic, so the Society organized various events, the proceeds of which were allocated to the school's needs. Children learn to speak, read, and write correctly in Polish at the Polish School. They learn about Polish literature, history, and geography in older grades. Folk dancing classes expanded Polish culture and traditions, and, in recent years, singing classes have been conducted continuously since the beginning of the school.

We remember and emphasize that we cannot forget about the generations that understood the need to know their native language. We call out the names of the school's founders: J. Kowalski, A. Wojtasiewicz, A. Salik, W. Czarnenko, B. Głowacki, F. Perkowski, M. Zabo, J. Naguszewski, F. Dzierżański.

Over 100 years, the school was managed by the following people: J. Naguszewski, A. Salik, J. Kowalski, S. Kamiński, M. Kozłowski, J. Mierzwa, J. Rudziński, G. Michalska, D. Bronchard.

It should be emphasized that Jan Rudziński, a great patriot and Polish activist, managed it for the longest time and gathered many active people. He included the school in the Polish American Congress, thanks to which fruitful cooperation has been developing for the Polish community.

In this anniversary year, we pay tribute to all teachers and parents who have contributed to the development of the school over the years.

We want to thank the parents and children, without whom this facility would not exist, and the graduates who, using the knowledge they have acquired, are good ambassadors for Poland.